Becoming a member of the Casual Sex Club is the easy part. Earning your badges takes a little longer.

In order to qualify for a badge (either Oral Sex Master, Sex Master, Orgasm Master or Sheriff) you need to have a number of successful hookups on the site.

Both you and your hookup need to fill in the feedback form with the details of your hookup (once completed) and rate each other on the following criteria (out of 5):

Oral skills

Sex Skills

Number of orgasms

Once we have those details we will add them to our database.

The feedback form can be found HERE

You will have to complete at least 5 hookups to qualify for the Oral Sex, Sex Master and Orgasm Master badges. Once you have got all 3 of these you will be eligible to receive the much vaunted Sheriff Badge which shows that you are a sex GOD! Only members who have had over 100 encounters get to call themselves the Sheriff!

If you don’t feel like working towards the badges then you can still use the site as a normal hookup site.

Good luck!